Seriously. Want to know.






We just cannot win here can we folks

No matter what, no matter how the world may change or how many things will crumble to the test of time, we will always, ALWAYS have Mamoru’s fashion sense. Nothing can take that away from us.

I don’t know what the problem here is NOW HE’S EVEN MORE OF A NERD it’s absolutely amazing how nerd this guy can get my fucking god

You’d think that eventually the girls would drag him shopping.

Maybe even Rei would abuse the credit card her dad “gave” her.

I think he looks good. Cardigan and a tie. Sexy professor look. I like it.


actually nevermind crash-landing a plane in the arctic. steve signed up with the ssr the night before bucky’s deployment. bucky was still in the country. he was still in the city; hell, he was still in the immediate vicinity. steve became a guinea pig in a completely batshit insanely dangerous highly experimental military science project because bucky left him alone for five minutes.

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seems legit.

Zoolander: the gift that keeps giving.

This is everything I have ever wanted from the internet

All I can think about now is how Bucky’s last mission before CA:TWS required that he go to a bunch of gross music industry parties undercover as a male model and his dead-eyed shrug in response to all attempts at conversation made him the #1 most popular hipster in the room no matter where he ended up. 

"Do you like this band?"



"So like, do you do your own hair?"

[silence intensifies]